We introduce ourselves: Yannick (34), Rani (28) & little Khiara (about 1,5+). We are a small family living in the south of East Belgium. Our family is multicultural: Indian charm fused with a semi-Portuguese disposition and anchored in Belgian steadiness. That’s us. Yannick and I have been a couple since 2010. In 2018 we got married in a civil ceremony and in 2019 in a church ceremony (heavily pregnant).

Our motto: Work to live, and don’t live to work.

Secondhand fashion isn’t just good for the wallet, no. It is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and often particularly unique. We would like to consolidate this idea in our region. Away from second-hand life, we are collectors and rarity hunters.

We have been passionate flea market lovers for years, follow the shows Bares für Rares, Garage Sales, or watch resellers on Youtube.

In 2018, we decided to register as small business owners and step by step turn our hobby into our side job. However, our first priority is still our daughter, the pets, and us. This means that every day, only after we put our daughter to bed, we can/want to take care of our business (focus on eBay). Mainly we sell designer second-hand items. But we also offer end-of-life (EOL) Lego products, popular collectibles, toys, plush and more.

Without the shared passion and harmonious cooperation, it wouldn’t work. We can proudly say that it works. On our way, we make mistakes all the time, but we learn from mistakes. The path is the goal, the goal is our path.