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Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help
you answer some of the more common ones.

1. Are all the items second-hand?

No. Our range is very extensive. We carry secondhand and new items.

2. Do you ship?

We ship regularly to Germany. Shipping to the EU is generally possible. Please contact us about shipping costs before purchase.

3. Do you deliver?

We only deliver within St. Vith (in Belgium).

4. I bought an item and paid for it, but unfortunately it is no longer available. What happens now?

Most of our items are secondhand and only available as single items. We try to keep our site up to date, however, if an item has been purchased and paid for but is unfortunately no longer available, you are guaranteed a refund.

5. What does Yamira8692 mean and what is your goal?

Yamira8692 stands for “Yannick Michels Rani 1986 1992”. We stand for the sustainable use of used clothing that we buy and sell again. We want to increase the appreciation for clothing and anchor this philosophy in our region. We want to convince more people that buying second-hand clothing has only advantages. It is very important to us that the quality of the clothing is right and that the pieces are pleasing at the same time. For this, we have placed the focus on “designer items”. Not because we necessarily think that these are better, but because the handling of these items is different from fast fashion.

6. What are the shipping costs and where do you deliver?

The shipping costs may vary. Please contact and ask before purchasing.

We ship within the EU.

7. Where do you get all the second hand clothes from?

We buy used clothing mainly from private individuals, but also from companies,

You can find more detailed information on the purchase page (information & conditions).

8. Can anyone send you scrapped clothes?

All purchase criteria can be found on our purchase page (in progress). We rely on clothing that is free of defects and damage, the brand and the age of the clothing are also very relevant.

9. What do you sell? (Product groups)

We mainly sell second hand items such as jeans, dresses, coats, blouses, sweaters, shirts. We also offer games, plush toys, games & accessories, vintage items, Lego and more. We also do decoration rentals (currently still purely as a hobby).

We also have Furoshiki towels in our online shop (for rental & purchase).

10. How does it work with a complaint? (Refund warranty?)

We know that second hand clothing is simply a sensitive issue. But since we want to avoid wasteful shopping, the buyer bears the return shipping costs. In this way, we make sure that our customers don’t just shop “just for fun” and then simply send them back later, but order with care and love. 

11. Which payment methods do you offer?

We offer the following payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer, Visa, credit card.

12. Will the second-hand clothing be brought to you personally or how is the process?

The clothing will be brought by, picked up, or sent to us by post. Upon arrival, all clothing is subjected to a careful, strict quality inspection before it is offered for sale in our shop.

Various criteria are decisive, such as brand, design, and of course the quality, which has a corresponding effect on the price.

13. Can everyone order from you? (Man / woman / child)

Our focus is on adults (in clothing).

But we also offer plush & stuffed animals, vintage items and more.

We also do decoration rentals.

14. How much money do I get for my rejected clothes?

Please contact us about this. Since we usually buy in bundles (packages / in large quantities), please send photos on which the condition and size (preferably from size L) can be clearly seen.

Please note, however, that the final price can still change, depending on how the garment is ultimately assessed by our team.

Please also note the following (for one-off items): If you have the opportunity to sell your clothes yourself on the Internet, we always recommend that you simply do so. In this way you will, of course, get more money than with us. BUT: Our offer is aimed primarily at those who want to sell something in large quantities, have mucked out their entire wardrobe and do not have the time or inclination to offer each item individually online and take care of everything. Here we can best negotiate fair prices for both sides.

Please do not be angry if our purchase price seems too low to you. You still have the choice to sell yourself. We have running costs (shop pages, taxes, photos, …) that we have to keep an eye on when shopping.

Please don’t be angry if we don’t want to buy your items. Unfortunately, many articles have a very strong decline in value (even if the purchase price was very high) and can only be offered on the Internet at very low prices. In the worst case scenario, we would even make a loss. Therefore we have to be very strict in our selection.

15. What sizes do you sell clothes up to?

We have sizes XS to XXL.

We prefer sizes from L or from 38, especially men’s clothing, shoes, etc.

16. For how long are you in business and how many employees do you have?

We are still a small but fine team consisting of Yannick & Rani, in business since 2019.

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